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All readings, counseling sessions and healings are intended to help you attain clarity to make the necessary changes for your growth…

Brightest Blessings, Stacey!


I’m a spiritualist who is psychic. All I ask for is your name and birthday. The information received is always from God, or whatever source directs the universe to your highest good. I trust that anyone who contacts me for a reading is, if you will, drawn to me because I have the information that’s needed to heal and bring awareness to the issues at hand. I also offer phone readings, and have clients across the miles. Phone readings are just as effective as sitting with me… Spirit knows your address.

30m – $75, 45m-$100 and 1 hour – $125

Readings are available by phone, by Skype or in person

Spiritual counseling offers you practical daily tools to guide you on your journey of the self to the self. The only way to move forward in life, is sometimes to go back. I offer private sessions. I also do Reiki healing, spiritual counseling with a twist between compassion and humor. I never do a session for the money although I am compensated for my service to me my supply comes from god so I offer myself with the highest integrity to you and myself. The only thing I ask of you is to bring an opened heart. So that’s how I do it and I look forward to sharing time with you. Be Blessed.

The counseling is weekly, biweekly or what’s needed that includes a meditation, chakra alignment, and spiritual understanding to assist you in reaching your truest self. I love doing the counseling sessions and watching the pieces of your life mesh together to help you create the joy that’s waiting for us all that comes with truly knowing the self. I’ll see you at Ohm.

Counseling is $125 an hour

Perfect health is our divine birth rite. Any lack of ease represents unresolved emotion stored in the body. I help bring clarity to the blocked areas by using energy healing to bring back your balance and harmony.

Half hour private  session is $75.

Please call the store or Stacey’s cell phone to schedule one of the services above.

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