Recycle Love
Recycle Love

Recycle Love Pendant


w/ 18″ Sterling Silver chain.

Each piece is made by hand in solid sterling silver with genuine gemstones by my awesome jeweler in NYC.

Custom orders available by request, please call (14k gold and rose gold, as well as other chain lengths).

“Recycle Love… Give & Receive.” Give… It’s only love. It’s what we’re made of!




Product Description

Recycle Love… Give & Receive. An Albert Einstein quote I resonate with deeply: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” So I’ve spent my life in a self-made spiritual bubble, with lots of pinholes in it & patches to repair it! And through it all, I recognize this one truth… everyone deserves to be loved. The sun & the moon find us worthy and bless each of us with light. If you can love yourself well, then it’s easy to share what’s truly within you. There’s nothing Love can’t heal & if it doesn’t feel good, it’s not love… it’s a lesson!

In a meditation it came to me: Recycle Love… Give & Receive. It was simple. I saw the design of a heart with two hands giving & receiving, with a gemstone… voila! Someone asked me, “Why does that hand have the stone?” And I said, “Well, how do you know if they have it or they’re about to give it?” Even if love is not reciprocated by an intended, so what? Love anyway! The expanse & openness of your heart will always make room for more love. So, give… it’s only love. It’s what we’re made of!

Stacey Gunnard 

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Styles Available

Silver with Garnet – 18″, Silver with Rainbow Moonstone – 18″, Silver with Labradorite – 18″, Silver with Amethyst – 18″, Silver with Aquamarine – 18″, Silver with Hematite – 18″, Silver with Rainbow Moonstone – 18″, Silver with Jade – 18″